The hidden risk of electric and electromagnetic fields

electromagnéticosElectromagnetic pollution surrounds us without us realizing it, both outside and inside the house. This causes negative effects to our body, headaches, stress, insomnia and many studies affirm that in the long term there may be risks of suffering from cancer.

Inside our home, we coexist around a myriad of electrical and electronic devices, which directly affect our health without us being aware of it. We sleep next to artificial radiation from indoor sources, for example mobile phones, which we usually leave on the bedside table, the use of mobile chargers, router or WIFI signal amplifiers, etc.

Our bedroom is loaded with electromagnetic fields; this causes us to have sleep problems, such as waking up in the middle of the night and consequently feeling stress from not being able to sleep. This means that we cannot enjoy a pleasant sleep.

We have to remember that while we sleep it is important that our body focus on rest and its regeneration. Every night we endure an “extra” radiation of 150 Volts per meter (the advisable thing would be no more than 10 V / m). Moreover, this is only with a simple switch or electrical cable.

In the workplace, exposure levels are also high, due to the technological progress of companies. It can increase the risk of suffering from Burnout. Burnout Syndrome is a psychosomatic stress disorder. Due to mobile phone networks or other wireless communication connections.

It is advisable to carry out routine measurements to calculate whether electromagnetic emissions exceed the recommended limit values. We have the solution to reduce and shield ourselves from this radiation, both with protection systems and with electromagnetic field meters.