Recover the shine of your floor.

abrillantadoOver time, our soil experiences constant wear and tear, mainly due to the transit of people. This wear causes the surface to lose its properties and its natural shine.

One of the best treatments is polishing. It is a simple but effective method. The original shine can be recovered and any wear marks eliminated. Terrazzo and marble are the materials on which this treatment can be applied.

The technique or products necessary for this treatment vary depending on the material to be treated, so it is important to examine the surface beforehand to know its characteristics and thus be able to apply the procedure in the most appropriate way. If only the shine has been lost due to use, a crystallizing liquid is applied directly with the help of a rotary machine and steel wool. Thanks to the repeated action of the machine, a chemical reaction occurs where the crystallizing liquid transforms into a thin transparent and protective layer. It is important that before carrying out this treatment we make sure that the surface is clean and free of dirt or dust.

The natural shine of marble and terrazzo can be preserved between 3 or 4 years, after this period the surface begins to wear and lose the protective layer that had been formed in the polishing process.