The most important value of NETEGES & DESINFECCIONS D’OZÓ is our staff; this is because the user identifies the service with the person who provides it. For this reason, their performance is essential for our client to feel as satisfied as possible.

The organisation and management model of the company aims to facilitate the performance of service tasks in a context of continuous improvement in care.

NETEGES & DESINFECCIONS D’OZÓ has a disciplined and trained team to address the functions of the cleaning maintenance service. The human resources assigned to the services have the appropriate qualifications, capacities and skills to be able to carry out the tasks of the service excellently.

The work is organized based on protocols and instructions agreed with the client to provide a specialized and quality service.

At NETEGES & DESINFECCIONS D’OZÓ, we give benefit to our staff since we are aware that the quality of the service depends directly on their satisfaction.

  • We are selective in the hiring process, conducting exhaustive interviews to ensure that the staff has training and experience and above all those they are trustworthy.

  • We continually incorporate the most advanced methods, work systems and technologies into our training programs. Our training systems are also constantly developing to be able to introduce the latest innovations.

  • Communication with both the client and the worker is open and constant and allows us to know the concerns, questions and requests of our clients and thus we can provide our workers with the necessary information to meet their expectations.

  • Our supervisors constantly control quality, as they monitor the work. Inspections are meticulous and frequent, paying attention to detail.

  • Excellence is rewarded. The key to staff development and retention is providing positive motivation. A job well done is recognized and encouraged through recognition programs.

At NETEGES & DESINFECCIÓNS D’OZÓ we pay special attention to the management of occupational risk prevention. We currently collaborate with the external company specializing in occupational risk prevention PREVENGEST. Occupational risk prevention is implemented at all levels in our company. All workers are informed of the inherent risks that their job entails. This training is carried out each time there is a new incorporation.