Cleaning of communal areas

comunidad vecinos

When we arrive at our house we want to breathe fresh and renewed air. However, many factors make it difficult to achieve this goal in cleaning up our communal areas.

Several negative effects can be derived from incorrect or insufficient cleaning in the communal areas of our building:

  • Unpleasant odors in common areas.

  • Lower quality of life.

  • A bad coexistence with the neighbors.

  • Pest risks.

  • Risk of diseases.

At NETEGES & DESINFECCIONS D’OZÓ we understand the importance of cleaning neighboring communal areas, therefore, one of our advisors will travel to the place and carry out a technical-economic study of the communal area. This will allow us to better understand the facilities and offer a better service.

The tasks to be carried out in cleaning communal areas of a building are:

  • Cleaning of windows and mirrors.

  • Sweeping and scrubbing the stairs.

  • Carpet and rug cleaning.

  • Dusting of mailboxes, railings, handrails and decorative elements.

  • Cleaning of passage doors, including that of the neighbors facing the community.

  • Floor cleaning and polishing.

  • Rubbish collection.

  • Cleaning and disinfection of elevators.

  • Roof cleaning, keeping drains clean.

mantenimiento comunidad vecinos