limpieza de parkings

One of the places where more dirt accumulates in buildings is usually the garage. In order to make a good positive impression, be it of a company, a neighborhood community or a business, it is essential to have a clean garage.

NETEGES & DESINFECCIONS D’OZÓ has specialised in cleaning car parks.

A team of two to four people use specialised machinery, pressurized water machines, degreasing soaps, scrubbers, sweepers and professional vacuum cleaners.

The tasks to be carried out in the cleaning of garages are:

  • Cleaning pipes, downspouts, air outlets, bars and lifting blinds.

  • Cleaning of the communal access to the parking.

  • Changing bulbs or fluorescent lights.

  • Cleaning the light bulbs.

  • Cleaning of parking spaces.

  • Cleaning the access stairs from the street or from the communal areas.

  • Cleaning the elevators.

limpieza de parkings