Household cleaning

A busy lifestyle and a lack of time often prevents the completion of household cleaning tasks, therefore, the cleaning maintenance service in private homes is one of our most requested services.

We offer a professional, legal and trustworthy service, which may or may not include the materials and cleaning products necessary to perform the service, according to the client’s needs.

The same worker always comes at an agreed time.

The tasks to be carried out can be general maintenance of the home, specific tasks or a combination of both.

Bathroom cleaning includes:

  • Showers and bathtubs.

  • Toilet.

  • Washbasins and bidets.

  • Change of folded and well-placed towels.

  • Cleaning of mirrors, exterior, and interior of furniture.

  • Cleaning of visible surfaces.

  • Cleaning tiles on the walls.

  • Scrubbing the floor.

  • Emptying of bins if any.

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Kitchen cleaning includes:

  • Cleaning dishes and putting them in the right place.

  • Exterior and interior cleaning of microwaves and appliances.

  • Faucets and sink.

  • Exterior and interior of furniture and accessories.

  • Cleaning of surfaces, stoves and / or glass-ceramic.

  • Cleaning the filters of the kitchen extractor hood.

  • Cleaning walls tiles.

  • Scrubbing the floor.

  • Trash emptying. If it is recycled, the garbage will be deposited at the end of the service in its corresponding container.

The cleaning of bedrooms, hallways, corridors and dining room includes:

  • Ventilation.

  • Make beds and change sheets when indicated.

  • Exterior dusting of furniture and decorative elements.

  • Mirror cleaning.

  • Floor scrubbing

  • Visible surfaces cleaning.

  • Furniture client inside if the client requests it.

  • Bins emptying.

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Additional services offered by NETEGES & DESINFECIONS D’OZÓ:

  • Clothes ironing.

  • Clothes folding.

  • Laundry.

  • Windows, glass, interior frames and blinds cleaning.

  • Terraces and balconies cleaning.