Pubs, restaurants and industrial kitchens

bares y restaurantes

In addition to the general cleaning services that NETEGES & DESINFECCIONS D’OZÓ offers, we also offer more specific services such as the following:

  • Comprehensive cleaning of kitchens, ovens and plates.

  • Cleaning of kitchen bottoms.

  • Cleaning of smoke extraction ducts.

  • Cleaning of turbines with motor and motor boxes.

  • Chamber filter cleaning.

  • Cleaning of refrigerators and cold rooms.

  • Window cleaning with anti-fingerprint finishes.

  • Cleaning of any type of furniture.

The advantages when cleaning cooker hoods and fume extraction are the following:

  • We avoid fire hazards.

  • We avoid energy losses.

  • We increase the performance of extraction equipment.

  • We avoid the accumulation of smoke and odors.

  • We avoid risks of contaminating food.

limpieza campanas cocina